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Building Brand Recognition with Online Marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words. Branding and marketing professionals understand the power of image. Think about the Apple logo, the Nike swoosh, and Starbuck’s emblem. These symbols are burned into our minds, and they immediately prompt brand recognition as well…Read More

Blogging Tips for Businesses

When you’re business blogging, you need all the skills that every other blogger uses to establish a successful blog, plus you need a strategy to promote your business. It’s easy to get caught up in blogging and forget about the business goals…Read More

online marketing for small businesses

Getting Started with Online Marketing for Small Businesses

In the business world, terms like internet marketing, online marketing, digital marketing, and e-marketing get thrown around a lot. But what do they mean? Business owners know that marketing is essential. You can’t get customers unless they know your business exists. You…Read More

What is a Mailing List, and Does Your Business Need One?

Mailing lists were around long before email and the internet. Businesses have been using snail mail to entice customers for decades. The concept is simple: collect people’s addresses and then mail them promotions and special offers. You may have received some coupons…Read More

Before You Hire a Website Copywriter…

Most small business owners understand the importance of a website. Your business website is your online headquarters, a place where you can promote your products and services, connect with customers, and provide information and special offers that enhance your brand. Most small…Read More

business blogging

The Benefits of Business Blogging

Every day, more and more business owners are finding out that a business blog can do wonders for their websites and their businesses. But that success requires more than launching a blog and publishing posts. A successful business blog is strategically planned…Read More

Service Spotlight: Website Management

Who’s managing your website? Did you know that regular, ongoing maintenance is essential to the health and success of any business website? Web software needs to be updated to ensure functionality and to prevent security breaches. Regular backups are essential to prevent…Read More

Managing Your WordPress Website, for Small Business Owners

WordPress is technically called a content management system, but it’s best understood as website software. You use Microsoft Word to make documents. We use WordPress to make websites. WordPress is a flexible and agile platform with tons of benefits for small business…Read More

Using Analytics to Understand Your Website Visitors

Who’s coming to your website? Are you drawing the audience you want? How can you use analytics to understand your visitors, target the right audience for your offerings, and grow your business? We all want to bring traffic to our websites and…Read More

Service Spotlight: Website Consultations for Small Businesses

One of the most common problems I encounter when working with small business owners is the many questions they have about websites. What is hosting? Am I paying too much? Why am I getting all these charges on my credit card for…Read More

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