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I’m proud to present some of the positive feedback that my clients have given me.

For a small business, running a website is fraught with technical headaches. I discovered Melissa five years ago when I realized that I needed help. Since then, she’s become an essential and highly-valued part of my team. Melissa stays current with trends and technology — so I don’t have to. But that’s only the beginning of her list of talents. Melissa’s writing and communication skills are superb. Her knack for diplomacy and tact have steered me away from many blunders I might have made without the benefit of her business and marketing background. Melissa’s blogging and social media experience have been invaluable to my business. She helps me put my best face forward on the World Wide Web. I gratefully admit that Melissa has helped me to become a better writer. She is one of the “best kept secrets” of the Internet world.

Judith Jensen

Quiet Karma

Melissa has done an excellent job managing my author’s website, keeping it up-to-date and refreshed. I am a part-time writer with a “day” job that is somewhat intense, so I’m sure I’m not Melissa’s dream client.  But she is persistent and pleasant and understands my occasional lack of responsiveness.  We’ve had a very long partnership and I appreciate it.  Working with her is great!

Michael K. McMahan


I’ve had the privilege of being acquainted with Melissa over the past two years so am well aware of her enthusiasm and intellect. I’ve hired Melissa for several projects charting the course for our business growth. Melissa’s astute skills helped me evaluate, plan, organize and communicate our business offerings in a clear and concise manner. The work Melissa produced met all of my expectations and then some. I am comfortable saying that although I don’t know the requirements of your particular project I can tell you in terms of working style, I found Melissa to be easy going and flexible, creative, organized and reliable. Most of all, she knew how to ask the right questions. And, yes, I would gladly contract her services again as well as recommend her to others.

Alvin Cordeiro


Melissa designed both of my fitness websites, ensuring they were stylish and easy-to-navigate. She also made recommendations for how to optimize speed and functionality.

David J. Sautter

Fitness Wanders, Write on Fitness

Knowing that Melissa is a great website designer, I gave her minimal direction, simply, “Here’s my book, please make a website for it.” I was so pleased with her design that perfectly reflected the tone and style of my book with an easily navigable site where people could learn about my book and buy it. I recommend Melissa to anyone who needs a website. She is intuitive, knows her stuff, is a great communicator, and fast!

Jaden Alexander


While working on my company’s image and having a website designed, it quickly became clear that I needed help telling my story. Fortunately I found Melissa to help guide me along a very unfamiliar process. Working with Melissa was absolutely great from beginning to end. She very quickly and accurately understood my goals, my business, and my vision. I cannot recommend Melissa enough. I am very pleased with the copy she wrote for me and I am very proud of the end result.

Jayson P. Lacasse

HD Systems Integration, Inc.

Working with Melissa has been invaluable, and I credit her for helping me become the writer I am today. When I came up with an idea for a book, she encouraged me to go for it, leading me through the entire process. She helped me promote my book, set up schedules for my social media accounts, and designed my author page. She is highly organized and a gifted teacher. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Lori Gurtman


For the past few years, I have worked with Melissa on a variety of website design, SEO, and copywriting projects. As a San Francisco Financial District IT and Technology Consulting company, my clients can be demanding – and they have every right to be! Melissa always sets proper expectations, is thorough in her analysis, and delivers on time. I will continue to include Melissa when client needs warrant to complement my existing portfolio of consulting services.

Scott Blumin

Owner, SCOJA

Melissa is imaginative and amazing with the websites she creates. Her passion shines in her finished product. I would recommend Melissa for any type of website design whether it is for business or personal use.

Robin Findlay

Personal Website

I really love my site and the fact that I (a technophobe) can do my own updates without bothering someone else is just a huge relief. Working with Melissa was completely effortless. She understood exactly what I wanted.  She was an excellent communicator and was able to use her own design sense and intuition to fill in all the gaps seamlessly.  I was very lucky to find someone like Melissa to make my website.

Alex Marks


Melissa has a keen ability to articulate what is in my head with minimal input from me. Her ability to guide me through a process I am not familiar with or comfortable doing has seemed effortless. She has a clear understanding of what the customer is looking for and wants to know. Being that I am not a born talker or writer, my partnership with Melissa has been instrumental in my web verbiage and on special projects like my newsletter and assessment package.

Carrie Carlson

Efficient You

Melissa was great to work with. She was attentive to our needs, researched our market and familiarized herself with our industry before beginning on our content. She wrote clean and concise copy and really made the whole project a breeze for us. A big bonus was her knowledge of SEO and the step-by-step instructions she prepared so that we could implement it on our site.

Chris Rowe


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