benefits of business blogging

The benefits of business blogging.

When blogs first emerged on the internet, most of them were personal. Bloggers shared their innermost thoughts and personal experiences; many of the blogs were anonymous. Over time, as the internet grew in popularity, professionals started blogging, and eventually businesses jumped on the blog bandwagon, harnessing the power of technology to get their products and services in front of more people than ever before.

Business blogging eventually became a standard practice, and for good reason. There are heaps of benefits to be had with a business blog.

Yes, even now, with social media taking center stage, blogs still offer features and benefits that can boost the success of your business online. In fact, blogs have one perk that social media can never provide: you own and control your business blog.

Benefits of Launching a Business Blog

A business blog offers many benefits, especially to small business owners and independent professionals who want to leverage the web so they can compete with bigger businesses that have more resources and stronger marketing power.

  1. If you publish to your blog on a fixed schedule, you’ll be updating your website regularly, which search engines favor. This leads to better ranking on search engine result pages, increased traffic to your website, and more customers for your business.
  2. You can use your blog to communicate with existing and prospective customers. Share discounts and special offers to entice people to patronize your business. Share insider tips that your customers will appreciate and put to good use. Announce special events, product launches, and grand openings.
  3. These days, it’s important for a business to establish a presence on social media. But a lot of small business owners are at a loss for what to post on their profiles. One of the benefits of business blogging is that you’re regularly creating content, which you can then share on social media.
  4. Mailing lists are excellent marketing tools. They allow you to communicate directly with people who have signed up to receive your messages. But mailing lists are similar to social media — sometimes business owners run out of ideas or get too busy to focus on an email marketing campaign. If you’ve got a business blog, you can set it up to automatically send your latest blog posts to your mailing list, and that keeps content flowing so your subscribers don’t forget about you.
  5. Search engine optimization requires that your website produces a lot content that contains keywords and SEO code. With a business blog, you’re already generating content, so all you have to do is optimize it.

Need Help with Business Blogging?

I provide blog services to small business owners and independent professionals who want to reap the benefits of business blogging. Some of my blog services include blog development and building, copywriting and editing, and consultations. To find out how I can help you reap the benefits of business blogging, contact me.

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