Launching web content.

Building your website and developing your web content requires a series of steps: You start with a concept and then you establish a plan. You build the site and create the content. Finally, you launch.

Launches can be elaborate. You’ve probably seen a store throw a grand opening surrounded by a bunch of a hullabaloo. This is typical of a launch that involves a big release: a new business, a fresh product line, or a radical makeover in brand, products, or services.

But most launches are quiet. If the content you created was an article or a series of social media updates, you won’t launch the content so much as you will publish it.

But whether you’re launching something exciting and new with a bunch of fanfare or publishing a smaller piece of web content designed to promote or support your business, there is no guarantee that anybody’s going to visit or view it, which is a why a launch or a publication must be coupled with an effective marketing plan.

You’ve built it; now you have to tell people about it.

Before the Launch

I’ve seen small business owners launch a website and then sit around waiting for visitors to magically show up. Others publish a new blog post but it’s buried on their site and nobody knows it’s there. Or they update to social media, ignoring the fact that they have few (if any) followers or that their social media followers are not receiving the updates.

If your site is already established with functional marketing platforms in place and you’re merely publishing new content, then clicking the publish button may be all you need to do.

But in many situations, a launch or publication of new web content must be coupled with a marketing effort that drives people to that content. Furthermore, the marketing effort should be targeted, which is to say that it should attempt to draw people who are a match to your business offerings.

This is why it’s essential for a business to have a robust online marketing campaign for their business, website, and web content.

Before launching a site or product, and before publishing new web content, make sure you have a strategy in place to get in front of your target customers. This could mean building a following on social media. It could involve taking out ads on complementary websites. It could be distributing a press release. The marketing tactic you use will depend on your business, what you’re launching, and your target demographic.

Here are some suggested methods of marketing your launch:

  • New business or website: Host a grand opening, complete with press releases, online giveaways, social media updates, and more.
  • New product or service: Write a blog post about it, and include a special offer to entice people. Couple it with a contest.
  • Basic web content like a blog post: send it out to your mailing list and post it to your social media.
  • Simple content social media updates: To market your social media updates you can either build a following of subscribers or use hashtags and keywords to get eyes on your updates.

You’ll notice that most of these marketing tactics require their own content, which means you’ll often develop web content to promote other web content, with all of it ultimately leading up to the promotion of your business and its products or services (this is often referred to as a funnel). In this sense, using web content as an online marketing tool functions like a cascading waterfall, where each piece of your marketing campaign relies on another piece.

But the most important element of a launch is to simply be aware of the visibility it has. Starting with that information, you can look for ways to expand visibility and reach a wider audience to get eyes on your content.

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