Terms and Conditions of Services

This document outlines the terms and conditions of services provided by Buzz Pro Studio (Melissa Donovan).

Last updated: 04/20/23

Buzz Pro Studio provides website services, including website design and maintenance, online marketing, coaching, and consultations. Payment for services constitutes an agreement to all terms and conditions outlined herein.

Rates and Fees

If unexpected costs arise during the course of a project, the client will be consulted and asked to approve any charges that exceed the quoted price. In some cases, such charges may require advance payment. These can include charges for outsourced vendors (graphics, printing, shipping, etc.), travel, expedition, and surcharges, as well as other related products, services, and work-related activities.

Deadlines and Due Dates

Client’s input may be required for various projects (i.e., providing information necessary to the project or incremental approvals). Inquiries made by Buzz Pro Studio to the client will be answered within a reasonable amount of time. Client acknowledges that a failure to respond or cooperate in a timely manner could result in an extension to the project timeline.

Delays in reviewing and approving a project may result in client receiving the final invoice before the project is completed. We normally estimate 3 business days for a client to review and approve a project or request revisions. If feedback or approval from client is not forthcoming in a timely manner, the final invoice will be processed and delivered after 10 business days from the time the project was submitted for review. This does not terminate or cancel the project. For up to one year, we will still complete the project after the final invoice has been processed and paid.

Unforeseen or sudden termination of a project. If some mishap, illness, or accident occurs that makes it impossible for Buzz Pro Studio to continue a project in progress, we will make every effort to notify the client as soon as possible. We may request an extension or suggest an alternative service provider, or we may choose to outsource the work directly. In such cases where we are unable to complete a project and the client refuses to grant an extension, a refund will be issued and will be based on the amount of work completed. If the project is half completed, the client can expect a 50% refund (of project total, not deposit).

Should the client terminate a project for any reason, we will retain the deposit. Additionally, client will be billed based on the amount of work completed (if the project was 25% completed, client will be billed 25% of project total).

We will always grant clients project extensions upon request, for any reason. However, such extensions may not affect the original payment due date.

We reserve the right to assess and handle these matters on a case-by-case basis. The terms outlined herein provide a general guide as to what clients may expect in the case of unforeseen events.

Payment Policies

  • Quotes and invoices will include a link with an option to pay by credit card. In some cases, arrangements can be made to pay via PayPal.
  • For large projects, a deposit is required in the amount of 25-50% of the total project cost estimate. Projects $325 or less require full payment in advance.
  • Expedited projects or those with a turnaround of less than one week may require full payment in advance.
  • Projects do not commence until the deposit has been received in full.
  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Final payment is due one week after project completion. Project is complete when final draft or link to launched website is sent to client.
  • In cases where project completion is delayed due to failure of client to issue feedback or approval in a timely manner, the final invoice will be processed ten business days after project was submitted to client for review.
  • Late payments are subject to penalty fees of $25 per month or 10% of project cost, whichever is greater.
  • Late payments and non-payments will be pursued through a collections agency.
  • Weekly or monthly services are paused when a payment is past due. Service time will be banked, and services resume when payment is received. Delayed service time and work sessions expire at the end of the following month.
  • Nonpayment (30 days past due) can result in immediate termination of all services, including licenses for software, images, etc.

Long-Term Website Maintenance, Coaching, and Consultations

  • Website maintenance is an ongoing, long-term service that can include related marketing tasks and/or coaching and consultations to advise clients in the areas of website maintenance and marketing. These services are rendered on a monthly or weekly basis.
  • Clients will be assigned a service day (of the week or month); all work and communications will be completed during the regularly scheduled service day.
  • If necessary or sufficient materials, tasks, or projects are not provided before each service session, the time will be banked for later use. Banked service time expires at the end of the following month unless other arrangements are made in advance.
  • Client will pay a deposit in the amount of one month of service; deposit is issued in advance of the first month of service.
  • The first month of service is considered a trial period; after the first month, both Buzz Pro Studio and the client agree to give a 30-day notice for termination of services.

Standalone Projects

  • Standalone projects are one-time projects that do not include ongoing, long-term services. An example of a standalone project is website design.
  • A timeline (including ETA) is provided with a quote for any standalone project (example: “this project will begin five business days from receipt of deposit and will take ten business days to complete”).
  • Project commencement: The project commences when a quote and service agreement are accepted by the client and Buzz Pro Studio has received the deposit along with any and all documents or materials that are necessary to the project(s).

Website Design

  • Design projects are based on clearly defined project scope and specifications, which may include a mockup that visually demonstrates how the final design will look. Should the client decide to amend the scope or specifications of the project or request deviation from the originally agreed-upon mockup, additional fees may be incurred.
  • Website design projects include one round of revisions: The client will review the design and request changes (usually before the website is launched or made public). Revision requests must remain within the original project scope and specifications.
  • Revision requests that fall outside of scope and specifications may incur additional charges.

Content Development (Text and Images)

  • Client will not send updated or revised copies of the original materials once work has started. For example, if a document is sent for editing and work has commenced, client may not send a revised copy of the document, as doing so will interfere with the work process. Requests to insert or amend specific excerpts of text are acceptable.
  • Each project includes one revision.
  • A revision is not a redo or a rewrite.
  • We expect to receive approvals or revision requests in 3-5 days.
  • The timeline for completing revisions varies depending on the scope of the project. You can inquire via email if you’d like an estimated timeline. Otherwise, the timeline will be indicated on your quote.

Legal Disclaimers, Intellectual Property, and Copyright

  • Buzz Pro Studio (Melissa Donovan) is not legally responsible or liable for the content or function of work rendered, including websites, written or graphical content (including content published on social media), or functionality. We create and amend these materials at our clients’ direction. Client is responsible for all materials they have approved for completion or publication.
  • Client is responsible for legalities pertaining to their specific industries and fields of expertise.
  • We waive all responsibility for materials which are provided by the client, including registered trademarks, copyrights, or additional intellectual properties. Work is accepted in good faith based on the understanding that client has obtained or owns all necessary rights to such properties.
  • All material created by Buzz Pro Studio is owned and copyrighted by Melissa Donovan unless and until final payment for work as outlined in work agreement is received. When all payments are received in full, copyright automatically transfers to the client.
  • If we obtain stock images or other material from third-party vendors on the client’s behalf, copyright law and the respected vendors’ ownership rules apply.


  • Buzz Pro Studio is committed to protecting our clients’ privacy and operates in full confidentiality.
  • Information and documentation provided by the client will not be distributed, published, or otherwise shared in any way without the express consent and permission of the client.
  • We reserve the right to create, publish, and distribute our list of clients as part of a portfolio. This list may include the use of a client’s image or logo and company name and a link to their website.
  • We reserve the right to display completed works as part of a portfolio, typically screenshots of a completed website design.
  • Clients who do not want to be included on a client list and/or who do not want work displayed in a portfolio must make a request in writing, via email, prior to accepting a quote for services to be rendered. All such requests will be honored.
  • Refusal to allow for portfolio use may incur an additional fee.
  • Our rights to portfolio use are applicable to all work we complete, including work created through or as a third-party service provider or sub-contractor.

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