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You’ve started your business and launched your website, but how will customers find your site? How will they learn about your business?

Buzz Pro Studio plans, designs, and implements online marketing campaigns that promote your business, draw traffic to your website, and increase your customer base.

Find your customers online: Whether you’re launching a new website, releasing a hot-off-the-press product, or simply trying to establish greater awareness about your company, marketing strategies designed for an online audience are an effective way to reach out to your existing and prospective customers.


  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • …and more


Ideally, when people search for your products or services online, they’ll find your website listed in the search results. If your site ranks high on search engines, it will get more traffic, and your business will gain more customers.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a highly competitive field of online marketing, and the process is fairly involved. It starts by brainstorming keywords that are good match for your business offerings and then narrowing down the list of keywords based on competition, search volume, and estimated ROI. Next the keywords are matched to your website content and then implemented in your website’s code and text. Peripheral marketing (like social media) is used to amplify your website to the search engines.

When the initial SEO project is complete, I’ll track and monitor it, constantly tweaking the campaign to get the best possible results: more traffic to your website and more customers for your business. 

Social media marketing is an excellent way to reach a wider online audience and bring more customers to your business. I’ll discuss social media options with you and make recommendations regarding which social media networks would be the best match to your business. I offer the following services:

  • Professionally branded social media profiles
  • Content development for social media campaigns
  • Campaign management and tracking

Through coaching and consultations, I also offer mentoring to teach small business owners how to use social media effectively. I provide services for the following social media networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Goodreads, and more.


Not only is social media an excellent tool for connecting with your audience; it can also be used to boost your other online marketing efforts. 


Blogging is an effective way to communicate with the public about your expertise and offerings. It keeps your website fresh and boosts other marketing efforts such as SEO. 

Blogs have evolved over the years into robust tools that can be used for a number of purposes. Some businesses use their blogs for news and announcements, including product launches and special offers. Others share industry information, establish their credibility and expertise, or offer tips and ideas to readers.

I offer several blog services:

  • Through content development planning, I’ll work with you to create a blueprint for your business blog. 
  • I also provide blog writing services. Please see my copywriting page for more details.
  • A blog is ideal for entrenching and maximizing your website’s SEO efforts. 
  • Want to write your own blog posts? I offer editing, formatting, uploading, and scheduling of posts, along with image procurement and processing. 
  • Want to learn blogging? I offer coaching. I’ll guide you through the process of creating a blog, including the technical side of using blog software, and I’ll show you how to market your blog. All coaching is fully tailored to your goals and skill level.

Marketing Consultations

If I listed every possible online marketing strategy available to small businesses, this page would go on forever. From press releases to advertising campaigns, the web is overflowing with opportunities to share your products and services with the online community.

I can help you make smart decisions about which marketing strategies will benefit your business, and I can explain why some strategies are just a road to nowhere. I’ll give you insight and direction to develop and launch an effective online marketing campaign, one that brings traffic to your website, but more importantly, brings customers to your business.

Want to invest in a marketing strategy that has long-term benefits and produces measurable results so you can determine your ROI and be confident that your marketing efforts are truly generating leads?

I’m ready to help.


An email list is one of the most effective online marketing tools that a small business can leverage. Subscribers opt in to receive communications from your business, which means they’re already interested in what you’re selling.

I can help you build an email list by placing sign-up forms on your website and developing strategies to encourage visitors to subscribe.

Then we’ll work together to create an effective email marketing campaign that keeps your subscribers interested in your business while ensuring that they’re informed about your offerings.


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